This small coffee table is made by hand from a waney-edge board of pippy Oak with Padauk corner inserts and butterfly keys. Minimising waste is not only core to our sustainability drive but informs our aim to design to the material, and the very concept behind this piece was born out of identifying the difficulties faced in designing and making wooden furniture while meeting this responsibility.

The whole table is built using cuts of timber that would, in many instances, go to waste: boards that often have cracks and splits, knots, difficult grain, all qualities which make their use in standard joinery products problematic but which often enhance the natural, aesthetic beauty of the timber.

The construction of the table is designed to incorporate these elements of the timber as a design feature, to control or allow for their effects.

​The dovetails are laid out using a ratio of 1:7 (for the angles of the tails) and the ‘golden ratio’ for proportions. We carried these principles through every aspect of the design from the angles of the leg sections in both the vertical and horizontal planes and the height/length proportions, in so far as the natural shape of the waney edge would allow.

​We wanted to explore the juxtaposition of the organic shapes and curves of the timber against the sharp, crisp lines formed by the angled, mitred, dovetailed corners. We’d like to do more of these with an array of timbers so if you have any special requests, please get in touch. 

material: Oak (pictured)

1:7 coffee table

Detailing Timber
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